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Monolith Appears in Beirut

In the aftermath of the nuclear-like explosion in Beirut on August 4th…

…a massive “monolith” – yes, a “monolith” – emerged at the still-smoldering ground zero.

A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building.

…just hours after we highlighted the (sci-fi) Monolith…

…in Portals (trailer), an obscure 2019 movie that specifically mentions “August 5, 2020”.

On August 5th 2020, an undisclosed research facility successfully creates the world’s first active black hole…Shortly after a cosmic disruption occurs triggering a series of world-wide blackouts; after which millions of mysterious, reality-altering, Portal-like anomalies appear everywhere and anywhere across the planet. While many flee from the sentient objects, the real terror sets in as people are drawn toward and into them.


To us, a “reality-altering disruption” sounds a lot like our “Sirius Trigger” or “the Kick” which has been unleashing a series of “great floods” in 2020…

…including and especially the coronavirus officially acknowledged around New Year’s Eve/Day precisely when Sirius culminated due south at midnight – a major Sirius Trigger we warned about beforehand.

While this is something Sirius does every year, Sirius B’s return to apoapsis for the first time in 50 years made it extra powerful in 2019-2020.

A reversed configuration of Sirius culminating at noon was in effect around July 2nd…

…unleashing a literal great flood in Kumamoto, Japan. “As above, so below”, an unmistakable pattern confirmation for those with eyes to see.

“Flooding” and “Sirius Trigger” do traditionally go hand in hand. They always have and always will. The combination is literally what the original “Sirius Trigger” was all about in ancient Egypt where the heliacal rising or “rebirth“of Sirius after ~70 days of invisibility signaled the annual inundation of the Nile River. As it brought fertile sediment to their otherwise barren land, it was quite literally the lifeblood of ancient Egypt that sustained the great civilization for thousands of years before the Romans and Greeks.

Today, the helical rising of Sirius takes place around August 4th at the latitude of Giza/Cairo which is unquestionably the most ancient Egyptian place on the entire planet.

This is what “triggered” the massive explosion in Beirut that shocked the world precisely on August 4th.

Creating a Monolith right at ground zero…

…just hours before Portals‘ “August 5, 2020”.

+ – + – +

Why did the “great flood” target Kumamoto, Japan? Because, for starters, Japan is the “Land of the Rising Sun“.

Horus, the son of Osiris, was identified with the rising sun, while Osiris was identified the setting sun. Osiris’s death is Horus’s birth, expressed through the flooding of the Nile – Isis’s water breaking and giving birth on a cosmic scale. Isis and Sirius are one and the same, Osiris’s husband and Horus’s mother.

The sense of “as above, so below” was palpable in July, made glaring by Comet NEOWISE – a rare naked-eye comet – reaching perihelion (closet to the Sun) on July 3rd coinciding with the aforementioned Sirius Trigger…

…subsequently reaching its closest point to Earth on July 22-23 in the “Great Bear” constellation Ursa Major…

…”triggering” a major earthquake in Alaska, a US state with a Big Dipper on its flag i.e. an asterism in the Great Bear.

As if that wasn’t enough…

Would you believe if I told you “Kumamoto” means “bear origin” in Japanese? Well, it does. It was a “great bear flood” we witnessed in Japan in early July!

“It’s all connected” as they say and STR members know we make these connections in realtime or a bit ahead of time regularly. Anyone can say anything in hindsight and that’s not what we do. We’re interested in proving the reality of syncs and nonlinear time through foresight.

(Kumamoto is also right next to Nagasaki surrounded by a nuclear torch pattern. A whole another can of worms we won’t go into in this article.)

+ – + – +

So we knew the ~August 4th rebirth of Sirius at Giza had to be of great importance in 2020. (Along with other key dates in the same window still active as we speak.) Pattern are nothing if not for their ability to anticipate what’s coming.

Plus Giza was considered a “portal” to the Duat underworld and Giza is where a “Stargate” was buried and discovered…

…subsequently decoded using Orion

…which is a celestial version of the Giza pyramids and vice versa per Robert Bauval’s “Orion Correlation Theory.

Closely related to this is the fact that the angle of Orion‘s Belt points to – you guessed it – Sirius. These are Osiris and Isis respectively.

In a similar way, we find that the Giza pyramids here on earth point directly to…


Kaboom. An earth-shaking cosmic explosion right before your eyes. (Not over yet.)

  • Beirut = “Sirius city” via alignment with Giza pyramids
  • Beirut explosion on Giza’s Sirius Trigger day (heliacal rising)

Opening a portal…

[Explosive Portal Activation]

…as the countdown continues – tick tock.

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