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Super Torch Ritual

Luna-fall Event

As you may have noticed, the biggest wealth destruction event in crypto history – a black swan event – took place last week starting on May 9th with the total collapse of the Terra LUNA stablecoin/crypto system (LUNA is designed to make Terra stablecoin stable, pegged to the US dollar). While the whole crypto market also plunged around the same time, it was Terra LUNA that was at the epicenter sending huge shockwaves through the system.

It goes without saying that the name “LUNA” means “Moon” and directly interacts with not only the previously-highlighted “super blood moon” total lunar eclipse on May 15-16, but also a larger “lunar deep impact” theme we’ve been highlighting, most notably… Moonfall (released Feb 2022).

“Moonfall” as in LUNA falling. Which is literally what we saw in the LUNA collapse. Wiping out tens of billions of dollars.

And not just LUNA but also Terra, meaning Earth.

Terra (UST) = stablecoin… Then suddenly not stable i.e. “Earth” became unstable. Seismic.


Well, per our previous warnings… the pattern doesn’t end in May.

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