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Jupiter/Lucifer Contact

Jupiter opposition is coming on June 10th.

A Sun-Earth-Jupiter alignment will bring the solar system’s biggest planet to its closest point to Earth, making it a particularly bright celestial object that will stay above the horizon and stay visible all night long. Though an annual event, the alignment is potentially extra meaningful this year as we have interlocking patterns active right now involving “Lucifer” among other major themes (which we won’t go into here). The opposition overlaps our major “phoenix” window and produces a set of fascinating multicontextual connections that collectively follows the “script”, as it were, of 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

The “Phoenix” project…

To Jupiter…

Igniting the gas giant…

…which becomes a “second sun” specifically dubbed “Lucifer” in the novel version written by Arthur C. Clarke.

Clarke lived and died in Sri Lanka recently bombed on Easter or Resurrection (phoenix) Day, April 21, part of a major time code pointing to the “phoenix window” we are entering right now.

Just so you know… (h/t reader Matt.)

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