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Super Torch Ritual

ISIS – Sirian Terror

Notice how Sirius (= Dog Star/Days) at the center of our patterns has morphed into ISIS the terror group, making big headlines from Afghanistan since a few days ago. Per ancient Egyptian tradition, “Isis” the goddess is none other than Sirius. The Afghanistan crisis… obviously there’s a lot to this what is obviously a big part of the Dog Days chaos we had been anticipating for July-August. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Terror bombings at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport by ISIS have now killed 13 US troops and 60 Afghans.

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We expected a major Sirian Great Flood situation coming for the Dog Days of 2021. That’s exactly what we got. Apart from literal “great floods” around the world, the Delta Variant and the Afghanistan/US/Taliban/ISIS crisis deep-impacted our reality right on time:

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How STR has been repeatedly pre-highlighting the July-August Sirian Dog Days of summer:

Mar 17 Game of Martian Thrones

[…] Sirius […] and actually involving a “2020 Tokyo Olympics”. […] Something… looming on the horizon but slightly too early to talk about right now.

Apr 23 When Doves Cry

Cosmic implications […] As well as future implications… for example via Columba’s position relative to Canis Major and its brightest star Sirius historically associated with the flooding of the Nile… something that will prove highly “prophetic” soon.

Jun 19 The Dog Days Trigger

…the “Great Flood” theme we have been tracking this year is set to re-intensify this summer especially during the “Dog Days” (~July-August) historically associated with the heliacal rising of Sirius the “Dog Star” aka “Scorcher”. For the ancient Egyptians this summer “rebirth” of the brightest star in the night sky was a celestial trigger for the annual Nile inundation […]

Jun 25 Miami, Floyd & UFOs

All of this is collectively foreshadowing things to befall reality during and beyond the Dog Days of summer, about to be triggered by the “rebirth” (heliacal rising) of Sirius historically inseparable from the annual flooding of the Nile which was at the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization. […]

Jul 19 Great Flood = End of Time

Can you tell the Dog Days 2021 are here? Sirius the Scorcher unleashing floods and fires as space opens up for the chosen few… […]

And it’s only getting started… People thought things were getting back to normal this year. Well, we are never going back to normal in the 21st century… the final century. It’s destiny, all written in the literal river(s) of time… to be revealed/reintroduced more widely soon.

Jul 26 Delta

As anticipated “great floods” are being unleashed around the world along with a viral flood in the form of the Delta variant […] “Delta” as in “triangle“… as in Sirius which was called “Triangle” (Spdt) in ancient Egypt… also known as the “Dog Star”, annually “reborn” via heliacal rising around July-August… traditionally a trigger for the flooding of the Nile… […] reflecting where we are in time which is not normal and will never be normal again.

Aug 01 Sirian Delta Flood

…the Delta variant is major part of the anticipated “great flood” of the Sirian Dog Days of summer.

Aug 11 Nile Delta Variant

We (STR) are the only one talking about the predictive symbolism, pre-highlighting it months in advance, all the pieces of the puzzle including the Nile, flood, Delta, Sirius, the Dog Days timing, etc. And here we are, and the sequence has more coming within weeks…