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Super Torch Ritual


Attention new members:

Super Torch Ritual (STR) is a brand new incarnation of “Super Torch Ritual Underground” (STRUG) which after running 12 years non-stop is finally retiring and passing its “torch” to this new website. Though being phased out at this time it will remain a vast reservoir of information for us and will co-exist with STR for the foreseeable future. You should therefore register there as well using the same username & email address. (STR and STRUG are not directly connected and require separate logins.)

Attention incoming (existing) STRUG members:.

If you are a STRUG member and not sure what’s going on, please go to STRUG for instruction. (You cannot log into STR with your STRUG credential.)

If you’re currently a “STRUG-STR Transition” member (free/temporary), here is what’s happening:

  • After your STR premium member registration the admin checked your existing STRUG subscription and adjusted your STR membership period accordingly (i.e. same expiration dates).
  • If your STR username is different from your STRUG username, you are supposed to inform the admin immediately after registering so he can identify you as a STRUG member.
  • When your temporary/free membership expires, please go to Membership Options (“Go Premium”) page to choose a plan and formally start your STR subscription. Make sure you are LOGGED IN as a member when you do this so you won’t have to register again.

You may choose to formally subscribe to an STR premium membership now or anytime before your existing (STRUG) subscription expires. Should you choose this route, please keep in mind the following…

  • If you choose a non-recurring plan your total subscription period will be your new plan PLUS the remainder of your existing STRUG plan, thus you won’t lose any days in your subscription. For example, if you sign up for a 3-month STR membership here, and you have 15 days left on your STRUG membership, your membership will now last 3 months and 15 days (both on STR and STRUG).
  • If you choose a recurring plan and your STRUG membership is still active, it’s more difficult to adjust for the difference. It is recommended that you wait until your current STRUG subscription expiration date to sign up for a recurring STR premium plan.
  • Either case, please make sure you tell the admin (Goro) about your new subscription so he can adjust the length of your plan.

Once you have started your normal STR subscription, you can start renewing or making changes directly via your Account page.

Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy the new site!