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Hurricane Wormwood

Great chaos in Florida as Hurricane Ian makes landfall…

This tight sequence is very telling:

9/26: DART impacts asteroid
9/27: Artemis 1 launch (postponed due to Ian)
9/27: Ian landfall in Cuba
9/28: Ian landfall in Florida

Remember, Artemis is “Wormwood“, and…

…Wormwood is Deep Impact (and nuclear).

And DART is literally all about Deep Impact, albeit just a “practice” for now.

As for Hurricane Ian and the “great flood” in Florida unfolding as we speak… That’s also straight out of the movie Deep Impact. It’s a “Great Flood” event.

So… that’s what we’re seeing, semi-literal, semi-symbolic. And still ominous as “Wormwood” is also “Chernobyl” implying a nuclear disaster or, in 2022, the Ukraine-Russia war (Chernobyl is in Ukraine).

YIKES. ????

But for now, Hurricane Ian wreaking havoc in Florida…

echoing the NASA Deep Impact => Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans great flood sequence (July-August 2005) which we highlighted previously in “As above, so below” juxtaposition“.

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~ UPDATE (Sep 29) ~

Rapper Coolio also died on September 28 right as Ian was making landfall in Florida. His real name was Artis (Leon Ivey Jr.) which, as reader Juradosis brought to my attention, meansWoodworm” in French.

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