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Helter Skelter

August 8 British cathedral installs 50-foot helter skelter

Umm… a helter skelter erected on the anniversary of the Manson Family’s murders of Sharon Tate and others 50 years ago (Aug 8-9)?

The Helter Skelter scenario is a theory put forth by Vincent Bugliosi, lead prosecutor in the Tate–LaBianca murder trial, to explain the series of murders committed by the Manson Family. Bugliosi described his theory at trial and in his book Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders. Charles Manson often spoke to the members of his “family” about “Helter Skelter” in the months leading up to the murders of Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca [on August 8-9] 1969, an apocalyptic war arising from racial tensions… This “chimerical vision involved reference to music of the Beatles, particularly songs from their 1968 double album The Beatles (commonly known as “the White Album”), and to the New Testament’s Book of Revelation. Manson and his followers were convicted of the murders based on the prosecution’s theory that they were part of a plan to trigger the Helter Skelter scenario.

As noted by reader James and others already…

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (trailer) was released just 2 weeks ago (July 26) directly involving Tate, the Manson Family, and the murders.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski lived on “Cielo Drive” in LA (where she was murdered) echoing Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso where a racially motivated mass shooting just took place on August 3rd sparking intense debates about white supremacy in America.

We’re not going beyond that in this post except to say that the “Dog Days from hell” we were anticipating – interacting with a “50-year countdown” – appears to be well underway, continuing the “sequence” from another set of “American” events back in early July (California earthquakes, eclipse, etc.). An existential “weighing of the heart” moment for America…

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