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Super Torch Ritual

Harsh Realm – Part 2

The “end of America” has been one of the long-running key themes on Super Torch Ritual and has been highlighted with extra urgency since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. All ultimately based on our “map of time” we have in the form of the Time Rivers which is so unique it has its own gravitational field, bending the spacetime matrix itself, quite literally. Now all this can sound fantastical and I’m sure even some here on STR probably kept doubting the prospect of the United States – the most powerful nation on the planet – somehow “ending” after the 20th century. Well, here we are in January 2021… As Morpheus once said in The Matrix: “Do you believe it now?”

In January 2021, even many in the mainstream reality have started losing hope with the United States, seeing what’s unfolding and realizing this is America and that this cannot be fixed quickly, if at all.

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