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Super Torch Ritual

Great Filter Warning

February is already just as intense as we thought it would be. And 2022 as a whole…

…well, anyway.

For now (aside from the Russia/Ukraine situation) note the symbolism of the continuation of the Great Filter corona extra” sub-theme via the solar flare-induced geomagnetic storm destroying most of the latest batch of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites early February. Literally an “extra coronal” event as “corona” astronomically refers to the atmosphere or “wind” around the Sun.

Feb 09 SpaceX: Geomagnetic storm doomed 40 Starlink satellites

The symbolism is that of a severed “bridge” to the stars – a “star link” – which is the stuff of the Great Filter i.e. blocked access to the ream beyond Earth.

Not coincidentally down here on the planet…

…we have protesting truckers blocking a major bridge

Feb 12 Ambassador Bridge: Police launch bid to clear Canada trucker blockade

…connecting the Canadian city of Windsor and Detroit on the other side of the river. “Windsor” is “solar wind” per our long-running interpretation:

With minimal decoding it’s quite in your face.

Now if you want more omens, SpaceX will make headlines again early next month when a Falcon 9 rocket launched many years ago will go out with a bang literally when it crashes into the Moon

…eerily resonating with Moonfall (trailer) released on February 4th or the day after the doomed Starlink launch. [UPDATE: Later reports indicate the rocket is actually not from SpaceX but more likely from China, though China denies it.]

February 4th was also the day of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony where you could see the not-so-hidden connection during the most dramatic segment of the show:

[Earth below, Moon above like in Moonfall poster]

This was 3 days after the Chinese New Year (Feb 1) based on their lunisolar calendar i.e. the Moon and the Sun together underscoring the solar/lunar mixed pattern.

And it happens to be the “Year of the Tiger” that we’ve just entered…

…reflected in the surprise presence of the Cincinnati Bengals in tomorrow’s Super Bowl (Feb 13).

Together with the Los Angeles Rams and with Venus/”Lucifer” peaking above, it’s a Great Filter NFL/Nephilim judgment game a la Genesis 6 pertinent to the “filtering” period we’re going through. To see where it’s going follow the Sin.

Don’t forget that the US Justice/Judgment situation (Stephen Breyer/Supreme Court) is still underway, set to intensify soon to remind us where we are in 2022.

P.S. Ukraine is where the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place. “Chernobyl” means “common wormwood” which, aside from its infamous Book of Revelation association (where “Wormwood” = doomsday space rock), is a lunar word/plant with its genus “Artemisia” deriving its name from Artemis the Greek goddess of the Moon (Diana).

And… we’ll just leave it at that.