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Great Conjunction – American Omen

Here comes the Jupiter-Saturn “Great Conjunction“…

…magically coinciding with the solstice on December 21st…

…the first Great Conjunction since 2000 and the tightest Great Conjunction since 1226. Popularly called a “Christmas Star” now evoking the “Star of Bethlehem”.

What most people don’t realize is how “American” this celestial sign is under the surface based on some notable symbolic patterns.

The “Great Conjunction” for starters is a geocentric phenomenon, meaning it’s from the perspective of Earth.

A heliocentric version is just as if not more significant as noted before in a broader context even if barely anyone (apart from us here on STR) took notice when it formed on November 2-3 or US election day.

This was a key moment in the 2020 “closing ceremony” which would subsequently feature an equally intense “American” total solar eclipse on December 14th

precisely at the midpoint of the “Great American Eclipse” pair currently in progress (2017 & 2024) which we first noted back in March…

…coinciding with the Electoral College formally declaring the winner of the US election and the US rollout of the first COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer. A very “American” day indeed.

Dec 14 Total solar eclipse thrills spectators in South America
Dec 14 Electoral College affirms Biden’s victory
Dec 14 Covid Vaccination Rolls Out in US As Deaths Top 300,000
Dec 14 Attorney General Barr resigns, will leave before Christmas

US Attorney General William Barr’s resignation (announcement) on the same day was just as telling with him being the head of the Justice Department, implying “justice” and through which the balance of the scale, balance as in “midpoint“.

Barr’s last day as Attorney General will be December 23rd just a couple of days after the Great Conjunction.

The Great Conjunction itself will coincide with the US rollout of the second COVID-19 vaccine (this one by Moderna) directly echoing the first vaccine arrival on December 14.

Plus some developments including…

…for the coming phase.

+ – + – +

Viruses all around us – in space, time, consciousness and cyberspace.

Inter-temporal injections and the situation potentially nuclear… as we cross the threshold into the realm beyond the Great Conjunction and 2020. Beyond the Pillars of Hercules…

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