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Super Torch Ritual

Great American Midpoint Eclipse

That’s what this eclipse is coming up on December 14th…

…precisely marking the halfway point between the two Great American Eclipses (2017 & 2024)…

…coinciding with Electoral College officially declaring the winner of the election (Dec 14)…

…and with the first delivery of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States.

Remember, the term “corona” refers to the “atmosphere” (plasma) around the Sun made visible during a solar eclipse.

An ominous sign preceding the “Great Conjunction” coming up on the solstice.

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Darkness above, darkness below – glimpsed via the first Great American Eclipse…

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~ UPDATE – December 14 ~

A huge day in America…

Dec 14 Total solar eclipse thrills spectators in South America
Dec 14 Electoral College affirms Biden’s victory
Dec 14 Covid Vaccination Rolls Out in US As Deaths Top 300,000
Dec 14 Attorney General Barr resigns, will leave before Christmas

…is a huge pattern confirmation for STR.

We had been highlighting the “Great American Midpoint Eclipse” with focus on the United States since March or earlier, writing in our March 17 post “Tipping Point” for instance:

In 2020 we are actually arriving at the “halftime” point, resonating with Janus/Aker (mirror in the middle) opening the interdimensional portal.

The exact midpoint will be December 14, 2020… when the “last domino” will fall.

It is partly due to this omen scheme that we are focusing more on the United States even though the coronavirus is a global crisis.

The symbolism was specifically “acknowledged” today by William Barr‘s resignation which tellingly coincided with the Electoral College formalizing the result of the US election. Barr is the Attorney General, the head of the Justice Department. “Justice” as in the balance of the scale, balance as in “midpoint“.

On many levels the “tipping point” did arrive, right on time per our projection. America’s future, however, still hangs in the balance…

As 2020 comes to a close in December a new phase is set to begin. The “dark winter” is getting started and based on multicontextual clues the “tipping point” has cosmic implications that are “Atlantean” as well as… “time altering”.

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