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Super Torch Ritual

FTX SBF Moonfall Downfall

[Context: See “Capstone Contagion“…]

Another kaboom, this one on the cyber side of things, the day after the Artemis 1 Orion’s splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off California and the day before a nuclear fusion energy breakthrough announcement (part of the “future” pattern we’re now tracking including artificial intelligence).

Dec 12 FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Bahamas

Remember where the Bahamas is… an Atlantean capstone of the Bermuda Triangle…

…which is at the center of 1899.

FTX collapsed due to its illegal activities with Alameda which had that capstone logo.

Alameda was in financial trouble ultimate due to the collapse of Terra Luna or “Earth Moon” back in May. Moonfall… and Artemis 1, which just went to the Moon and came back to Earth. A Terra-Luna mission.