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Super Torch Ritual


As anticipated “great floods” are being unleashed around the world along with a viral flood in the form of the Delta variant (coronavirus) threatening to undo our recovery from the pandemic.

“Delta” as in “triangle“…

…as in Sirius which was called “Triangle” (Spdt) in ancient Egypt…

…also known as the “Dog Star”, annually “reborn” via heliacal rising around July-August…

…traditionally a trigger for the flooding of the Nile…

…bringing fertile silt to the Nile Delta (a “cosmic cycle” now blocked by dams).

Collectively whispering “time floods” and “variants”…

…reflecting where we are in time which is not normal and will never be normal again. Stay tuned…

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Jul 17 Europe floods: Race to find survivors as hundreds remain missing
Jul 21 China Flood: Commuters die in train tunnel, thousands evacuated
Jul 24 Hunt for survivors after deadly India floods
Jul 25 Flooding in London after heavy rain

From past STR posts:

Mar 17 Game of Martian Thrones

[…] Sirius […] and actually involving a “2020 Tokyo Olympics”. […] Something… looming on the horizon but slightly too early to talk about right now.

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Cosmic implications […] As well as future implications… for example via Columba’s position relative to Canis Major and its brightest star Sirius historically associated with the flooding of the Nile… something that will prove highly “prophetic” soon.

Jun 19 The Dog Days Trigger

…the “Great Flood” theme we have been tracking this year is set to re-intensify this summer especially during the “Dog Days” (~July-August) historically associated with the heliacal rising of Sirius the “Dog Star” aka “Scorcher”. For the ancient Egyptians this summer “rebirth” of the brightest star in the night sky was a celestial trigger for the annual Nile inundation […]

Jun 25 Miami, Floyd & UFOs

All of this is collectively foreshadowing things to befall reality during and beyond the Dog Days of summer, about to be triggered by the “rebirth” (heliacal rising) of Sirius historically inseparable from the annual flooding of the Nile which was at the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization. […]