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Super Torch Ritual

“Day of the Sun” update

Citing sources some news outlets are now reporting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is dead.

The report has not been confirmed. (He may still be on his death bed or may even come back alive.)

Heart surgery likely involved...

You know what this means.

If you're new here, this is how the foresight aspect of inter-contextual coherence - i.e. how we "decode" reality" here on STR - usually unfolds.

By discerning hot spots in "pattern coherence" across different contexts in the reality matrix we are also, as a side product, able to identify hot spots in our timeline, both in the past and the future. Combining the two, we can to various degrees project the nature of the events that could emerge through these windows in time. Sometimes vague sometimes less vague, depending on the level of our "multicontextual decoding" of these "impossible" synchronistic patterns.

In this case, we had discerned a specific time window in April cen...


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