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Super Torch Ritual

Damage Plan Signs

December 8th space events: 1) Interstellar Comet Borisov Makes Closest Approach to the Sun, 2) SpaceX Dragon Arrives at Space Station with ‘Robot Hotel,’ Mice and More.

Deadly shootings in Pearl Harbor (Dec 4) and Pensacola (Dec 6). North Korea conducted a ‘significant’ test yesterday (Dec 7). NK has also warned the US to prepare for a “Christmas gift”.

The highly acclaimed Netflix mob movie “The Irishman” released on November 27 starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci subtly continues the Godfather tradition of flashing an orange before death – something we touched on in “When Unicorns Attack“… [very minor spoiler alert]

The actress playing the nurse is “Dayanara Diaz” in Orange Is the New Black, meaning “Diana/Moon days”; and her previous film role before The Irishman was the voice for a character called “Luna” (Moon) in the animated film MFKZ (2018).

A one-month countdown of sorts…

[“Judgment at the Stargate“]