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Super Torch Ritual

Corona Marks the Spot

Pattern highlighted. Pattern confirmed. “As above, so below”. Whispers from the imminent future…

Corona – the sun’s “atmosphere”…

Hitting America…

Revealed through…

Great American Eclipses2017 & 2024

Where the paths cross…

A deadly tornado…

Mar 03, 2020 Tornado kills 22 in Nashville, central Tennessee

On Super Tuesday – March 3rd, 2020

As anticipated here on Super Torch Ritual.

February 25 A Dark Day in March? [premium]:

March 3rd is just one week away. […]

Combined with the corona (solar) virus erupting this month, it’s as if we are instructed to focus on our attention back on the eclipse. Or two eclipses, actually, as there is going to be a 2nd Great American Eclipse coming up on April 8, 2024, together forming an “X” over America […]

Any segment of a linear timeline can be divided into two parts according to the Golden Ratio; all you need is two dates.

It’s when you do this with the two Great American Solar Eclipses (2017 & 2014)… that you get the specific date: March 3, 2020. […]

Are we in for another “kick” event? Coronavirus related? Seismic? Financial? Political? Violence? Disaster?

March 02 Super Solar Tuesday [public]:

The COVID-19 coronavirus – a “solar” virus – has officially arrived in America in the past few days and is officially starting to spread like… well, a virus, and see more deaths this week, perfectly timed to coincide with the phi point (golden ratio) between the two “Great American Eclipses” (a pair of total solar eclipses over the United States, 8/21/2017 & 4/8/2024) which are literally solar events. Super Tuesday (March 3) pinpointed… The latest “trigger” in a sequence embedded in this epic Sirian year.

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Pattern highlighted. Pattern confirmed. “As above, so below”. Whispers from the imminent future.

In the end, there is only truth. Everything else is everything else. Truth is the future and the future is the truth. This matters more now that history is coming to an end. “Are you on the list?”

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