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And there it was, political Deep Impact unfolding right on time

…to be concluded in June?

Just as we’ve been projecting since December…

Atlantean Threshold 2019“ (December 23):

…a slow-motion “deep impact” collapse of “Trump Tower” […] The completion of the collapse is likely in 2019, probably in the February-June time frame.

Fireball prophecy“ (December 20):

The implication of the Chelyabinsk-Rome-Rio “dee impact” geo-alignment is… Well, you know what it implies a la “House of Cards” Russian Deep Impact. The epic final collapse likely in Feb-June 2019. You heard it here first.

We summarized our multicontextual and inter-temporal view on the whole situation in “House of Cards” Russian Deep Impact” (August 24, 2018):

The geo-alignment coincidences are, for lack of a better word, “prophetic”, strongly implying the following:

— The Russian involvement/interference in the 2016 US presidential election is a “Deep Impact” unfolding in slow motion

— Donald Trump’s presidential “house of cards” (Trump Tower) will inevitably crumble

— Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation – a very rare thing for a pope to do – likely foreshadowed the same or similar fate for Trump’s Russia-driven presidency

[…] Now you have to understand, very little of what’s discussed in this article is based on hindsight. Most of it was originally a product of foresight – things considered ahead of time. The geo-alignment was discerned and extensively discussed back in 2013 (on my old website), why we were closely monitoring the period around the Rio Olympics (~August 2016) for a “Deep Impact” echo. As soon as the Russian cyber warfare and possible collusion issues surfaced in the news, we immediately knew what it was – a deadly serious Deep Impact situation. We went “ah ha! there it is!” and could only infer the above scenario for Trump’s future. We’ve maintained that position ever since (this article is a summary of what we’ve been saying all along), and here we are…

What happened today, on the exact date we highlighted months in advance, is important as it demonstrates the strength of our foresight and the reality of the pattern we highlighted. (Our focus is not on politics.)