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Super Torch Ritual

Bifurcating Reality

As NASA’s Perseverance lands on Mars, human civilization suddenly collapses in Texas (where there is “Space City” Houston and Boca Chica where SpaceX’s Mars-bound Starship is being born). No electricity and no water. It is a striking juxtaposition we highlighted beforehand.

Feb 17 Power outages in Texas as millions face freezing conditions
Feb 18 NASA Perseverance successfully lands on Mars
Feb 18 Texas water shortage adds to power crisis

As I wrote previously before these events: “The big picture context… just to remind you, is still and increasingly the fall of America and the rise of Mars – i.e. the passing of the torch from the outgoing New World to the next one. It’s a striking juxtaposition whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.”

I think you can see it more clearly now. The pattern will continue and accelerate until… Well, we are at the great Bifurcation point of history and there is a Great Filter. At the threshold of time, ancient memories from the future whispering…