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The Bali Stargate Signal

Via Mayan Sumatra phi echo window

And right on time we have a “Sumatra echo” as a “hell gate” dramatically opens up in Bali, Indonesia via a volcanic eruption. (Note: Both Sumatra and Bali are Indonesian islands; volcanic eruptions are literally fire coming out of the underworld/hell.)

Nov 26 Bali’s Mount Agung erupts, forces closure of airport
Nov 26 Mount Agung: Bali volcano activity prompts ‘red warning’

The timing, the location, and the nature of the event make it a solid fulfillment of our predicted pattern.

Nov 14 When late November comes… (premium)

…a Mayan phi echo point from the 2004 Sumatra mega earthquake/tsunami, on November 27th:

STR readers were reminded of this time code just yesterday:

Nov 25 Stargate…

…is also a Floodgate, and it’s opening. Sumatra echoes in the current window…

This is in addition to the interstellar visitor Oumuamua and the horrific mosque terrorist attack in Sinai Egypt that left ~305 worshipers dead on November 24th which while of the same window had a slightly different set of associations (precisely pinpointed by a celestial “Lucifer Alignment” discussed in When late November comes…). We won’t go into that one here.

So “Stargate” and “Hell gate” are more or less interchangeable. That’s something I’ve been implying in my recent posts…

The Bali volcanic eruption in this way represents a “Stargate event”, reflected in the pentagonal seal of Bali

…and the pentagonal seal of Denpasar, Bali’s capital.

As originally revealed in my October 22 article The Fifth Element Code, the “Stargate” – the “dialing sequence” of which currently underway – is pentagonal/pentagrammic, i.e. a 5-pointed star, reflecting the “Fifth Element” or hyperspace. As you may recall…

Las Vegas (October 1st massacre) is pentagonal via its latitude. The upcoming PyeongChang Olympics is pentagonal via its stadium (and logos).

Plus PyeongChang’s official emblem

…is almost identical to the “Fifth Element” symbol (in the movie The Fifth Element).

[“Fifth Element” symbol]

So on and so forth. (See The Fifth Element Code for more.)

*    *    *

It should be getting clearer to you at this point that the pattern we’ve identified is very real and continuing forward with the primary underlying theme of the Stargate/Hell gate opening – the emergence of the Fifth Element of hyperspace – which will intensify and continue into 2018. The current window is still open but will soon be taken over by the big and now realistically ominous month of December…

Nov 08 December to Remember (premium)
Nov 11 December possibilities (premium)


Turns out, Bali is the resting place of David Bowie! (h/t reader Chris D.) Blackstar… Space Oddity… Tesla (via The Prestige), etc. Most important: The cover of his Blackstar album released on his birthday just two days before his passing on January 10, 2016 is an in-your-face pentagram! Can you still doubt that the pentagrammic Stargate is the theme of the season as I’ve been saying since October (see The Fifth Element Code)?


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