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Super Torch Ritual

Atlantean fireball

There was indeed an additional “sign in the sky” accompanying yesterday’s Mercury transit (Nov 11) in the form of a bright fireball over St. Louis

…underscoring the “Atlantean” theme we have going – see “Dorian’s Atlantean Portal” for instance – as St. Louis has the nickname “Gateway to the West” resonating with the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar), literally the westernmost gateway of the Old World beyond which, according to Plato, once existed Atlantis.

Along with San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on the western extremity of America, St. Louis and its Gateway Arch are in effect a “Gateway to Atlantis“.

This combination, Atlantis and a space rock, is exactly what we saw at this year’s “Wormwood” Super Bowl in Atlanta/Atlantis – a super omen we’ve been highlighting over and over this year…

A big signal.

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UPDATE: Not coincidentally “Wormwood” is the meaning of “Chernobyl” in Ukraine – the same Ukraine at the center of the public impeachment hearings that just commenced on November 13 immediately following the fireball.

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