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Super Torch Ritual

As in the days of Noah

Since the spring or earlier we’ve been stressing the intensity of this year’s “Dog Days” of summer via Sirius the “flood trigger” (heliacal rising). And it has been… well, intense.

The Dog Days – the Sirian days – are traditionally from mid July to late August or early September.

And it’s ending with a bang… including historic great floods from Hurricane Ida remnants being unleashed in New York City and the Northeast…

Sep 02 Historic great floods in US Northeast from Ida remnants

…just as it started with a bang back in mid July including historic, literal great floods around the world most notably in/around Germany (with embedded time codes we won’t go into).


  • Sirius (helical rising = Dog Days) is a “flood trigger” per ancient Egyptian tradition
  • Sirius is identified with goddess Isis per ancient Egyptian tradition

As you may recall it was only a few days before Hurricane Ida and great floods in the US that “ISIS” literally went kaboom in Afghanistan in a terror bombing attack against the US (and the Taliban).

“Isis returned” (= Sirius heliacal rising)…

..triggering great floods.

The apparent focus on the United States is no accident… On a deeper level we are dealing with a time threshold implying the end of… Well, things – big things – change per “destiny”.

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