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Super Torch Ritual

7.4-mag “Mayan” quake

A deadly “Mayan” earthquake earlier today in Mexico (= land of the Maya)… 2 days after the solar eclipse, 4 days before the “Lucifer Alignment” (Sun-Venus-Jupiter). Straight out of the pattern we discussed in “Lucifermas“.


The idea of 2020 echoing 2012 (Mayan calendar) has NOTHING to do with the recent, widely circulated tabloid story claiming “June 21, 2020 is the real end date of the Mayan calendar”. Apparently, for some reason, a lot of people took the tabloid story seriously, somehow failing to see that it contained glaring factual errors (the ridiculous notion that the Julian calendar “loses 11 days” a year relative to the Gregorian calendar, for example) based on some mythical tweet by some non-existent “scientist”.

The tabloid story in effect hijacked a real pattern – connecting June 2020 back to 2012 – that we were highlighting here on Super Torch Ritual based on Venus (and something else that we won’t go into here).

It is in this proper context that we’re calling today’s major seismic event in Mexico a “Mayan earthquake”, coming right on time in June 2020.